Xbox 360 border released!
• Here it is, a pristine white Xbox 360 begging to be adorned with your latest screenshot! Much more than just a snap border, this little creation makes it easy as a couple of clicks to design your own (imaginary) custom Xbox 360 custom faceplate!

Here it is in it's pure form:..


...and with your screenshot (or any image!) applied to it:


Find it in SnapShooter Borders, available as an SS border, and PSD as always. Have fun with this one!

• In other news, this page is now available as an RSS feed, so you can keep up to date with any new releases from your desktop / dashboard aggregator, or wherever. Click the little RSS button in the sidebar to go there.
Update! PSP Ceramic White border released!
• By popular demand, there is now a ceramic white version of the PSP border in the SnapShooter Borders section.

• Correction: Wallpaper "Erasmus" has been renamed to "Willemsbrug" following information that the bridge was incorrectly indentified. Thanks to Neowave of the MacThemes forums for spotting this error.
Update! New PSP SnapShooter border and more!
• New SnapShooter border, PSP, added in the SnapShooter Borders section:

PSP Preview
• New desktop picture, Erasmus, added in the Desktop Pictures section.
• Additional variations of my denim desktop patterns added in the Desktop Patterns section.

Also, I am testing this page with Haloscan's free comments system. I would appreciate it if people left feedback by clicking on "comments" at the end of each entry on this page to aid in my testing, and please let me know if anything isn't working right!
Update! New iPulse skins & Patterns Section!
• New Desktop Pattern section added - just this denim pattern for now, but in four colours. More to come I promise!
• New Desktop Picture, "Aurora" added
• Plus, 5 new iPulse jackets: LCD, Blue, Maintenance, Neo Classic, and Ayofe (made to compliment Gerrit Vanoppen's GUIkit, and xcaliber's matching icon set).
New Releases!
• New SnapShooter border, Panorama, added in the SnapShooter Borders section:
My latest border for showing off your screenshots. A selection of photographs displaying your desktop, loosely arranged in a panorama.

• New SnapShooter border, OzzTech2, added in the SnapShooter Borders section:

Please note all my borders are now available both as SnapShooter borders and as layered Photoshop files for those who do not wish to use SnapShooter.
Welcome to OzzDesign!
Thank you for visiting my site. The GUI goodies available here are all completely free, and mostly for Mac OSX only. This is my first "proper" site, so please tell me if there is anything I can do to improve it. If you have any suggestions, drop me an email here. This site uses a lot of modern CSS techniques and is best viewed in Safari.